SoftPos in Credit Agricole Poland

As part of our cooperation with Elavon Poland, first business clients of Credit Agricole Bank Poland are now able to use our app. From now on, the bank is able to offer more complex and flexible products to small and medium merchants who have their business accounts open.


"Credit Agricole Bank Poland perfectly knows the needs of its customers who run a multi-channel sales system for their services and goods in their business. Use of SoftPos as one of the payment methods gives customers flexibility and freedom to choose the most convenient form of purchase. Providing customers with this solution in the form of cashless sales is the next step in supporting them in increasing the availability of services provided by their companies, and the solution itself meets the requirements of applicable regulations, including the so-called "Polish Order", in terms of ensuring the possibility of accepting payments in a cashless form. We are observing a growing group of people who give up cash payments in favor of cashless transactions. Having a wallet is no longer a necessity as you can access your documents and your account from your mobile phone." – says Rafał Trojanowski, Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A.

It's another implementation in Poland and consecutive Partners, who decided to choose our solution.

"The solution we offer is a revolution on the payments market, as it allows you to resign from the purchase or rental of additional equipment - separate PIN pads, payment terminals and mobile printers. The possibility of having one device for a number of tasks also results in convenience, mobility and much faster customer service, which is important in almost every industry. The experience so far shows that there is a huge market for our application, and the cooperation with Elavon and Credit Agricole is an important stage that will allow us to reach another group of users." – said SoftPos' Co-founder and VP, Grzegorz Nowakowski.

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