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We are transforming regular smartphone into financial POS terminal. SoftPos enables acceptance of contactless payments made with plastic card and any of its virtual equivalents added to Google Pay, Apple Pay, wearables or proprietary HCE wallets. All that is needed on the merchant side is a device with Internet access, running Android 8.0 or higher and built in NFC.

Existing POS acquiring solutions impede cashless payments growth. SoftPos is our answer to key pain points of traditional POS acquiring.

Advantages for Merchants:

  • simple (no extra HW, self-onboarding)
  • scalable
  • mobile
  • cheaper than traditional terminal
  • better fit for many types of business

Advantages for Acquirers:

  • remote merchant onboarding
  • lower terminal cost
  • cheaper set-up & maintenance
  • very low service requirements

SoftPos converts your regular smartphone or tablet into secure payment terminal and enables acceptance of EMV contactless cards.

Main features currently available:

  • No extra hardware required. Merchant handset is enough;
  • Strong safety procedures built in: device attestation, asymmetric keys stored in hardware backed secure element, client certificates, attack prevention procedures and other. Security level approved by Visa and Mastercard;
  • Designed for Android 8.0 OS or higher;
  • Smartphone manufacturer independent. Runs on all phones with minimum required version of Android OS and NFC module;
  • Accepts payments up to no-CVM limit (no PIN required). For transactions above the no-CVM limit, cardholder device verification method is utilized (CDCVM). With CDCVM any transaction value within the limits set up for the card by its cardholder can be processed;
  • Accepts payments with Google Pay, Apple Pay wallets and wearables.

End-to-end white label mobile acceptance suite for Acquirers and Banks:

  • Stand-alone mobile app;
  • SDK for integration with existing applications (mobile banking apps for instance);
  • Transaction switch/authorization host;
  • Terminal Management System;
  • Merchant portal;
  • Security mechanisms built into application, back-end and communication layer.

New features on development roadmap:

  • PIN on glass (merchant device) verification method enabling acceptance of any amount. Technical solution ready, awaiting official security guidelines from the PCI Board and payment schemes;
  • Cash register;
  • Product inventory for quick shopping cart preparation.

Greg Nowakowski

Vice President & Founder

Brings 20 years’ worth of payments experience from one of the most innovative European markets. Greg has worked his way up from analyst and programmer to partner and investor in the financial services industry. He has actively participated in multiple groundbreaking projects: launch of first Polish Internet bank (responsible for card authorization module), migration of mag-stripe infrastructure to chip & PIN EMVCo standard, introduction of pioneering mobile payments solution, development of proprietary mPOS terminal (for mag-stripe and chip cards) and many others. Greg is a shareholder of two other successful companies from the payments sector.

Biser Jorgow

Vice President & Founder

20 years of project experience in retail banking, payments and consulting. Biser has been an active participant of the Polish payments ecosystem. He took part in a variety of projects which shaped the way banking looks like today: core banking system implementations, Internet banking implementations, CRM design & implementation, banking & consumer finance mergers & acquisitions, building a specialized bank from scratch, support of contactless implementation on the issuing & acquiring side, support of Cashless Poland Program and many others. Biser is a shareholder of two other successful companies from the payments sector.


We make an integrated team of mostly senior technology & business specialists who have developed their expertise while delivering complex projects for banks, acquirers, fintech companies and payment schemes. We are therefore able to address & solve most of your issues in a comprehensive way. Members of our team are actively involved in market – wide payment innovation. We have extensive local & international exposure to co-operation with Mastercard, VISA, Acquirers, Processors & Banks.


Our goal is to guarantee ease & speed of integration for banks and acquirers via our standardized API and SDK. As the authors we own the technology behind Softpos. We have developed our own fully functional contactless kernels for Mastercard and VISA and we are currently working on kernels for other popular payment schemes. We have also designed the security layer to fully comply with payment schemes’ requirements.


We are open to discuss a variety of co-operation models with you:

  • we can offer a hosted, end-to-end, white label solution;
  • we can act as technology provider (stand-alone solution or SDK for integration with your mobile app);
  • any other, aligned with your specific business needs.

Leave us a message and our team will get back to you:

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+48 600 278 133

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