SoftPos 2021: A short story about our achievements this year

12 months ago, when we have shared a similar text summing up 2020, we had many plans, hopes and expectations for 2021. We are now extremely happy to say, that this year has brought a lot of hard work but also successes and allowed us to not only achieve our goals, but even surpass them.


✅Last year we had merchants using SoftPos in Poland, with plans to enter new markets by early 2021. Today, in December 2021, we are already present in four countries, with test implementations underway in six more. We are currently working with various acquirers and banks all over Europe and see growing interest in our solution among many organizations and clients around the world. Early 2022 will bring more implementations in the mass market and enterprise segments. We will reveal them in the upcoming months.

✅The numbers of users, transactions and amounts of money processed through SoftPos has grown rapidly. We have also completed the first corporate implementations, with Spanish post Correos using more than 6000 terminals and Łódź Municipal Railway having more than 130 within their native apps. We expect this segment of the market to grow even more in the upcoming months.


✅The first half of the year had SoftPos meet the strict requirements of the most important certificates in the world of payments. We have the PCI DSS and PCI CPoC acquired and we allow our users to process contactless transactions requiring PIN with the acceptance of Mastercard and VISA.

✅The growth of our company and ongoing interest in SoftPos made us expand our team and we’re still in search of talented people who can add value to our solution.

✅Stories on SoftPos were included in some of the biggest and most important finance-related media around the globe. One of them was the inclusion on the list of “100 best ideas of the year” prepared by renown Spanish newspaper, “El Mundo”.

All of that wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of our team and help of our partners and clients. We would like to thank you for the ongoing support and promise to make SoftPos bigger and better!

Let’s change the world of payments, together!

SoftPos’ Management