More satisfied SoftPos users!


New satisfied merchants are joining the group of our app's users. Among them - W Liściach - a place combining a coffee shop ☕ with plants store 🌿☘.

The owners have heard about our solution from their friend, which means that satisfied merchants using the solution are the best marketing tool we can imagine! 🙂


Co-owner, Majka Pisula, told us why she thinks it's a great solution for everyone running a business of that kind: "From the very beginning we knew, that apart from sales in-store and via our website, we should offer plants delivery with orders by phone, email or messenger. Our clients follow our social media channels and react quickly - so they expect the same from us. We're a microbusiness and we had just one payment terminal. It made it impossible to schedule deliveries during shop's opening hours, and flexibility is vital these days. That's why SoftPos is a perfect solution for us, as we're able to deliver goods even on the same day now."

We would like to thank you for your trust and we also invite everyone for a delicious coffee or to buy some extraordinary plants at Mirowski sq. 12 in Warsaw! 🙂

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